The undying brain of an overwhelmingly powerful telepath


Boregal is a petrified brain encased in a transparent synth dome with a brass colored base. Several metal bar braces and red hued plates have been implanted into his tissue that not only keep the brain from rolling around inside the dome, but also are believed to have some sort of dampening effect on his beale, the source of his devastatingly powerful psychic powers. It remains uncertain if this procedure has also lobotomized Boregal’s mind or if he just chooses to remain mostly unresponsive to the world.


It’s impossible to say just how Boregal got this way. He either doesn’t know or isn’t telling, though he isn’t much for chit-chat as it is. Boregal awoke connected to some organic machine under the town of Embered Peaks. It’s unknown what the machine was for, but it allowed the recently deceased to answer one question with a lie. Boreagal’s torment at being attached to the machine caused mass paranoia and heightened aggression on all creatures for miles around Embered Peaks. With Darvin’s help Boregal was removed from the machine to end his torment.


Numenera: Into The Beyond Aavarius