Elderly woman with a brain surgery practice


Darvin is an elderly woman who looks to be in her late fifties, though she claims to be much older thanks to the healing properties of the colored liquid pools in Cylion Bason. She has spiky red and brass implants around her eyes, mouth, and cheeks that she says help dampen her beale, a rare brain condition that grants telepathic ability.


Darvin resides in Cylion Basin, where she uses her strange brain surgery techniques and invasive implants to cure the mental ailments of those who come to her clinic.

Some 20 years ago Darvin did some exploration with a group of adventurers: Fulor, Tillh, Darvin, the twins Pammel and Pavil, and Darvin’s husband Morim. Only Darvin was believed to have survived the automated security system’s defenses they unleashed while scavenging in an underground facility in the Black Riage.

Darvin committed suicide when given news about having left her husband Morim (presumed dead) trapped in that underground facility for all these years.


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